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Incognito ethics hotline

The Incognito ethics hotline line at a glance

The Incognito ethics hotline is a communication program that allows employees to anonymously report wrongdoing in the workplace. This program addresses the legislative requirements under Multilateral Instrument NI 52-110 pertaining to the corporate governance best practices requirements that govern publicly traded companies.
The Incognito ethics hotline is a 24/7 conduit of information, either through third-party intervention or a direct web-based correspondence system. Both options are user-friendly and designed to facilitate immediate access. These systems provide invaluable information to the company, and guarantee that all levels of the organization stay informed.
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Incognito Line services

Incognito ethics hotline flexibility allows your organization to choose the most effective way for employees to access the program. These include a 1-800 number, a web-based reporting system, or a combination of the two.
The program was designed for organizations that wish to deal with an impartial, independent service provider who will take charge of the organization’s internal problems.

The program includes:

✅ A toll-free number in North America for employees and affiliates.
✅ 24/7 service, 365 days per year.
✅ Bilingual English/French services.
✅ Multilingual capabilities.
✅ A web-based technology to report incidents in a safe manner and manage reports.
✅ Interview specialists available Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., EST.
✅ Special guidelines and referrals required to deal with any level of crisis.
✅ Assistance and guidance for program implementation and ongoing customer support.
✅ Professional investigation and emergency support services by former police officers and investigators.


Sirix Communication


A person appointed by the company will be advised when a report is received. Companies deal with problems internally through the Incognito web-based system, facilitating communication with the caller, until the problem is resolved.
Callers who need reassurance can interact with our interview specialists to better understand the process, typical investigative procedures with respect to the specific topic, the risks of exposure, and any additional proof needed to support their claim.
Thereafter, these interview specialists will evaluate the risk and urgency of the call, and will be available to provide clients with recommendations and feedback relative to the appropriate level of action needed and the right approach for the required investigation.

Organizations appreciate this enhanced option and investigative support, which provides invaluable assistance:

  • By its unique nature, a crisis requires experienced personnel who can answer and guide your team through the crisis to its resolution..
  • TAll documentation needed for police involvement is accurate and comprehensive. This facilitates any actions required on your part such as remedies before the court and criminal accusations.
  • Through excellent personal contacts and well-established relationships, we are able to act as a liaison with local police.
  • The Incognito Line brings this enhanced level of trust since it is the only service in North America that provides investigative assistance and emergency intervention when needed.

E-web reporting

Incognito ethics hotline provides an innovative, secure web-based communication process that allows for direct, confidential communication between the caller and their employer. This communication tool allows the employee to anonymously log on to the Incognito ethics hotline through a designated domain, and to communicate any concerns through a secure online reporting system.
The program guides the employee through the process, first asking them to choose a topic. The employee is then asked a series of questions relating to the problem being reported. The employee is given a user name and password to protect their identity. The password allows the employee to log on at a later date to see if the company needs further information regarding the issue or to receive updates on the report. If needed, communication can be scheduled in a chat room-style discussion, so that the person appointed by the company and the caller can communicate in real time. This secure discussion will continue until the company decides that the issue has been resolved or the file has been closed.
This form of communication is done directly and solely with the person appointed by the company. It provides an alternative to employees who feel that reporting to a third party over the telephone is not ideal. Since this constitutes direct communication with the person appointed by the company, the Incognito Line personnel cannot intervene in any way.
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Enhanced program

Our enhanced program provides optimum access for employees by combining the 1-800 number with the web reporting system. This service is provided to help organizations demonstrate their responsibility toward employees by ensuring that each person can choose the access to the service that best suits their individual needs. The enhanced program offers options and flexibility and is provided for a minimal fee, as described in the attached quote request.


It is important to actively promote the program with regular reminders. You can use Incognito Line resources to promote the importance of the program in the workplace. Our graphic design department can help you customize the promotional material by including your corporate logo or any other feature you desire.

Information pamphlet

New employees should receive the Incognito Line information pamphlet with the rest of their orientation documentation. The executive letter should also be given at this time, although it would be more effective to do so during the official program presentation.

Wallet card

Wallet cards should also be distributed to all new employees upon hiring. With these cards, any employee will always have the number on hand.


Posters should be put up in strategic locations in the workplace, taking into account employee traffic, the nature of activities, interference with other posters, and so on. A few recommended spots to hang posters are: the cafeteria, the employee lounge, or the changing rooms. Moving posters from time to time will also help draw attention to them.
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Sirix Centre d'appel Incognito

Incognito ethics hotline call centre

The Incognito ethics hotline has its own call centre located in Laval, Canada and controls all the agents hired to answer calls. To guarantee the best possible service to callers and to take all the necessary measures to ensure confidentiality, the Incognito ethics hotline applies the strictest standards in the choosing and training of its call centre agents.
Our web application was designed so that after a report is filed and its accuracy is reviewed, the report is transferred electronically to our senior administrators, who then send an email alert to the person appointed by the company. The call centre agents no longer have access to the reports. Thereafter, only the senior administrators are authorized to interact with callers for a follow up.
The review done by our senior administrators includes detail verification. If the person appointed by the company or one of the managers is named in the report than alternative measures are taken.

Call and reporting procedures

Our call centre is open 24/7. Our call centre agents write reports based on call topics.

The employee’s detailed information will be transmitted to the person appointed by the company through the Incognito Line web application. The person appointed by the company will be notified by email that a new report has been published on the site.

We advise callers to check back in with the Incognito Line two (2) or three (3) days after the first call to see if further information is required. The person appointed by the company can ask for or receive information through Incognito Line’s web-based email application.

Once the investigation was been completed, the person appointed by the company communicates the investigation results and the actions taken to the caller via the web application.

Report implicating the person appointed by the company or a senior manager

If a call implicating the person appointed by the company or a senior manager is received, a predetermined protocol and steps to be taken will be established. The protocol is done to instruct operators and interview specialists how to treat this type of situation. Under no circumstances will this report be sent through the Incognito Line web application unless we receive specific instructions to proceed in this manner.



File management reports

Reports on the management of files can be generated by the person appointed by the company by date, call type, or by detailed computer log. The ability to filter reports means reports can also be generated by affiliate, department or organization if required.
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Technical data infrastructure specifications

Sirix is located in Laval, Canada. All computer equipment is housed in our secure offices. Given the sensitive nature of our activities and operations, our offices are protected by security measures that exceed the highest standards and are ISO 27001 certified.
( http://www.iso.org/iso/fr/home/standards/managementstandards/iso27001.htm?= ).

This online platform is exclusive to the Incognito Line. Its flexibility allows customization so that it can meet the specific needs of clients while providing complete web hosting, network surveillance, and assistance.

All data is stored in our operations centre in Laval. Our expert services cover all practical aspects with regard to: information management best practices, providing virtual space in a secure environment, firewalls, Internet connections, private virtual network management, data protection and restoration, the use of remote links, planning for the unknown, and the scalability of the client infrastructure. We provide services to some of the largest banks in North America as well as to tech clients, government agencies, municipalities, transportation companies, energy providers, retail stores, and non-profit organizations.

Bilingual resources

The Incognito ethics hotline provides services in French and English. Our team of security consultants and interview specialists are able to provide interview and report-writing services in both English and French, so that we can assist our French- and English-speaking clients and their employees.
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Sirix Bilingue


  • The Incognito ethics hotline is recognized as a pioneer in ethics reporting in Canada.
  • It is the Canadian solution for reliable ethics reporting services.
  • The Incognito ethics hotline ensures the highest level of confidentiality between the caller and the client because, unlike American providers, it is not governed by the Patriot Act.
  • Only the Incognito ethics hotline provides additional assistance and a high-level of service by well-trained, professional interview specialists.
  • The Incognito ethics hotline meets and exceeds the legal compliance requirements of Multilateral Instrument NI 52-110, ISO 27001 as well as the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), the LPRO, and the Act Respecting Access to Documents Held by Public Bodies and the Protection of Personal Information.
  • The Incognito ethics hotline provides national and international capabilities.
  • Through Incognito ethics hotline’s flexibility, your unique company culture and specific organizational needs can be taken into account.
  • The Incognito ethics hotline is an effective solution for ethics reporting at a fraction of the cost the implementation and management of an internal program would require.

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