Surveillance vidéo en directà distance

Surveillance vidéo à distance

Plutôt que d’enregistrer passivement une vidéo, imaginez-vous un opérateur déterminant une situation préoccupante. Être en mesure de stopper un crime avant même qu’il ne se produise. Voilà ce que Sirix peut vous offrir. Le service de surveillance vidéo à distance gagne en maturité en se mélangeant avec de nouvelles technologies d’analyse. La conséquence de ces nouveaux produits permet de restreindre les erreurs humaines et de laisser les opérateurs se concentrer sur les tâches de confirmation et d’intervention.

Why choose Sirix as your partner?

Entrusting your security needs to a partner is not an easy thing to do. After all, you are handing over the keys to your infrastructure—often the most important part of your business from a financial perspective—to a company you do not know. Once a partner has been hired, it is often difficult to change your mind because technologies and equipment have already been organized and set up. Taking the time to choose the right partner is therefore of utmost importance.

At Sirix, we offer a personalized service. Over the years our partners have seen first hand the effectiveness of our systems and we want you to benefit from the same service. Taking the time to meet with us and to get in touch with our partners will allow you to see what you can gain by joining the Sirix team.

How can we help you?

Sirix is so much more than a video monitoring station where systems integrators connect their clients. Our partners receive our full support before a sale is even finalized. We have developed a specific expertise; this is what you can expect from us:

Determining your needs

As this is an important step in the process, we visit the site with you. We determine the client’s problems with you, and then establish the site’s particular needs.


We develop a plan according to the client’s budget and needs. This is a very important step and will allow the client to understand the extent of the protection.

Installation assistance

We will assist you throughout the entire installation process. We configure the entire software system remotely. You can therefore concentrate on equipment installation while we focus on configuring the rest.

Comment on peut vous aider

What sets us apart

We are firm believers in prevention. As equipment can fail, we believe it is very important to ensure its proper functioning. Two important services complement the installations:

Self-monitoring equipment

As discussed in our self-monitoring section, monitoring helps us keep an eye on the installed equipment. This way we can prevent equipment failure or know about it as soon as it happens.


You will receive daily reports. We will bring your attention to any problems, no matter how small, from an offline camera to the recommended cleaning of a camera. You will thus be assured that your site is always functional and without surprises.