Remote Intercom Response

Commercial and residential

Sirix gives its partners the opportunity to offer remote intercom response services through intercoms and video intercoms. This service is in direct communication with the monitoring station. The operator can then follow client procedures to comply with the request.


Emergency intercoms are generally installed in strategic locations, making it easy to communicate quickly with a supervisor. In the case of an emergency, an operator will answer and offer assistance to the distressed person.


Construction sites

Guardhouses are a first security measure to ensure that authorized personnel is granted access to the site. These guardhouses can monitor the comings and goings of authorized personnel. Generally, a security guard is present 24 hours a day. Our operations centre can take over and monitor the gate remotely so clients can save on operating costs.

Two common methods are usually chosen: The first is to record the name of the person and the entry in our cloud-based software. The second is to confirm that the person is authorized for site entry before granting access.


Concierge service

Sirix’s concierge service is set up to greet visitors. Just like a receptionist, the operator responds to the visitor request. The operator asks for the visitor’s information in order to identify who they are and whom they have an appointment with. Once the visitor is granted access, the employee in question will be advised that their visitor has arrived.


Parking access control

The use of guardhouses in a parking lot allows the validation of parking passes and monitors users who pay to park. But problems can arise. Often intercoms are placed at guardhouses to allow visitors to ask questions or request information if there is a problem.

Sirix can control the barrier remotely and grant access. In case of damage, we will advise emergency personnel.