Mobile surveillance unit

The Sirix mobile surveillance unit allows us to secure and control areas temporarily or to secure and control areas that do not have access to electrical installations.

Once the unit is deployed, our monitoring station ensures the protection of the site. Operators can remotely transmit instructions and ensure control.

Mobile surveillance unit

Mobile surveillance unit

The container style stationary unit can be outfitted with wheels. By doing this, a generator can be incorporated depending on the security equipment demands of the site in question.

Mobile surveillance unit 2

Mobile surveillance unit 2

The mobile video surveillance unit with wheels is less expensive and offers a good compromise. It is generally installed with the radar option, which is easier to deploy, consumes less energy, and can be moved easily.

Mobile guardhouse

Mobile guardhouse

The mobile guardhouse is an excellent construction site control tool. The easy and quick deployment allows us to remotely control an entrance. When a visitor requests entrance to the site, operators in the monitoring station can grant entry.


Depending on the configuration chosen, the mobile unit can detect intrusions up to 1.3 km on a 360º axis. Once the tracking has been done, a motorized PTZ camera follows the subject.


An audio system allows communication with the intruder for distances over 300 m.


120-volt solar power with duplication and use of a generator when needed.


Wireless 4G communication or cable Internet.

The mobile unit is available for rent or to purchase. It is up to you to determine your client’s needs and budget. Once a decision has been reached, a consultant can then work with you to satisfy the demand.

The mobile unit is meant for at-risk areas. It can replace a security guard and cover a huge portion of the area. It is used in the following areas:

  • Construction site surveillance
  • Park surveillance
  • Surveillance at special events
  • Surveillance at natural disaster sites
  • Surveillance of various at-risk areas

Several options are available to connect to networks with longer ranges. A study of the grounds is done and depending on the region, a relay or satellite option is proposed.

The mobile unit is equipped with an energy monitoring system. When it goes below a certain voltage, an alert is sent to the operations centre. We can program how many days in advance the alert is sent. This then allows us to inform managers that the unit needs to be recharged.

Equipment installed in the unit is certified to -30 ºC. Moreover, since it is put in compartments, it emits heat. It therefore works perfectly in winter.

It is true that batteries are less efficient in winter. We take this into account when we calculate energy needs. Moreover, the energy capacity from the sun is not the same in winter.

The use of optional wheels is available. However, in some areas it is preferable to have a unit without wheels. If needed, flat towing can be used by pulling the mobile unit. Or a forklift can be used.

The mobile unit can be easily customized. If needed, you can add video surveillance cameras in different locations to have the greatest reach. These can then transmit their feed through wireless antennas. Distances can go to up to 10 km.

The mobile video surveillance unit is highly reliable. But like any technological equipment, it can break down. The mobile unit uses self-monitoring solutions with the Sirix operations centre. This means that in case of failure, the operator on duty will receive an alert. We then quickly inform the client to let him know about the problem. The client can then decide to send a security guard to the site.

During installation, training is given to properly understand how the unit functions and how to move it. It is therefore possible for managers to take care of moving the unit themselves.