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Cloud hosted access control
Cloud hosted access control
Sirix offers a full range of simple hosting and outsourcing cloud hosted access control solutions. We can also ensure remote opening to manage company exceptions.
Compared to traditional access control systems, CLOUD hosted access control significantly reduce costs for clients.

Hosting solutions

Sirix hosts your database, applications, infrastructure, and the tools necessary for duplications and back-ups. Your client is in charge of the administration of the remote data infrastructure as though the servers are located on the client’s premises.

Outsourcing solutions

This option includes the hosting options as well as the database administration. The client thus does not need to train personnel. Tools are available, as needed, as for example the urgent disabling of an access card. Clients can, however, make modifications or updates by email.


Cloud hosted access control solutions are becoming more popular with companies and with good reason. They offer a range of benefits:

  • No physical infrastructure
  • Free, automated updates
  • Automatic back-ups
  • Web interface
  • No licensing fee
  • Overall authorization
  • Entrapass GO/Cloud service included
Remote access control
Sirix works together with several manufacturers. We can work with your infrastructure to operate your remote cloud hosted access control solution. As such, we can manage exceptions and allow entries and exits without on-site intervention.
This service can be used for different needs:

  • Opening of security gates for parking lots and construction sites
  • Opening of doors for janitorial services
  • Opening of doors for patrollers
  • Opening of key-box
  • Specific doors may require a higher access level

Here are a few manufacturers our systems support:

Sirix Aiphone
Sirix Synergis
Sirix Geovision
Sirix ICT
Sirix Paxton
Sirix Honeywell

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